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Changing the Cycle

Let's say goodbye to planned obsolescence. Tech giants such as Apple and Samsung face lawsuits and fines every year for intentionally retiring old devices to keep you buying new ones. Every 2-3 years, 3.5 billion devices are thrown away, with only 16% of all electronic waste actually being recycled. That means nearly 3 billion phones and tablets go straight to the landfill. The worst part? Most of these devices are still functional. As big of a problem this is, it's easy to understand why this is happening. After all, your phone gets slower over time and the battery life just isn't the same after a couple of years. Our mission is to shift the way we think about devices from something that is disposable, to something that is both less expensive and designed to last. Together we can stop paying thousands of dollars upgrading our phones: it's time to change the Cycle. 

Instead of having to upgrade 3.5 billion devices every 2-3 years we can just upgrade server infrastructure as required. The mission doesn’t stop at mobile phones, we also can apply this technology to desktops, TV’s, and other devices. Carbon emissions from manufacturing, transporting, and disposal of standalone devices is significant when compared to centralized computing. It has been shown that light client workstations can reduce emissions by up to 55% compared to standalone desktop computers with equivalent computing power. 41 million tonnes of e-waste are generated each year from mobile phones alone. Recycling is not particularly effective, with less than 16% of global electronic waste being recycled. We have an addiction to disposable hardware and it is time to address this problem: not only for our pocketbooks, but especially for our planet.

Beyond Smartphones