More powerful than the latest iPhone, at a fraction of the price.

How it works:

Virtual Android, powered by the cloud.

Cycle hosts a virtual Android device in the cloud and streams it to your device. Instead of using the tiny processor in your phone to do the computations needed for your apps, we use a dedicated server to run your device. Your inputs are sent from your device to a server and the output is streamed back as video. 

Better optimization

Smartphones are optimized for convenience and mobility, which means that there isn't space to pack a lot of computing power. Compared to servers which are several thousand times in size and power, a smartphone is a slug next to a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket. Because we don't need to fit the latest chips in your device, this frees up space for more battery power.

How are we combatting lag?

Using a Cycle phone is the same as streaming Netflix, or playing an online game. As long as you have a stable wifi or 5G connection, the only thing you'll notice is how much faster your phone is. As we expand our user base, we will be deploying more servers so that any potential lag will eventually be unnoticeable to the human eye. 

What can this technology lead to?

Our future vision is to harness the power of quantum computing, which requires extreme cooling using liquid nitrogen and is unfeasible in a portable device. This  will allow us to offer computing power at a much lower cost and to give the average user access to more power than possible with micro processors.

Become a part of the movement.

We are in the process of raising the capital necessary to expand out team and further develop our software stack. We have working hardware and software demos which will require capital to scale. We may be doing an equity crowdfund offering in the near future so please consider joining our mailing list if this would interest you. If you are a software or hardware engineer/developer on the West Coast of North America interested in solving complex problems, please send us an email: